Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Christchurch Earthquake and The Ring of Fire

Our hearts go out to the people of Christchurch!  We pray you're all doing fine and coping as well as you can with these terrible events.

I was just having a discussion with some Californian taiko friends who also face the risk of earthquakes, and I noticed that some of the strongest taiko cultures seem to be right along the Pacific Ring of Fire.

The Ring of Fire has 452 volcanoes and is home to over 75% of the world's active and dormant volcanoes ... About 90% of the world's earthquakes and 80% of the world's largest earthquakes occur along the Ring of Fire. 

Both Japan and New Zealand are directly on the rim, as is California and Argentina.  Many people don't know this but Argentina also has a very strong Japanese culture.

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