Saturday, 30 May 2009

Event - Zeal MASH

We had a fun evening performance at a youth event called MASH, where a lot of different musical groups are brought together to expose teens to a wide range of genres, bands, and styles.

The event was at a great venue called Zeal, which is a really awesome 'youth-town' facility (ie, performance areas, recording studios, art galleries, cafes, lounges, X-box 360...) and is mostly run by volunteer work by youth.

After we'd done our set and pulled the drums off-stage, we realized that the crowd was trying to call us out for an encore -- but not being Japanese, they had forgotten how to pronounce "Tamashii".
The chant was enthusiastic nonetheless... "Tie-my-shoe!"... "Tie-my-shoe!"...
We had a good chuckle...